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UsersmagicUnderstand, track, and target your customer base. Integrate a pop-up survey to your website, track your customers' answers, and target based on their past answers or actions. Why? Because you only know your customers’ actions, not who they are, what they want, and how they feel.
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Ready for the data platform of the future?
Understand, track, target and monetize the data.The new Usersmagic pop-up allows e-commerce websites to ask questions to their customers to understand what they think and target these customers for personalized ads based on their answers.
Usersmagic dashboard
Converting Customer Answers IntoPersonalized Ads
Understand, track, target and monetize the data.All product, marketing, and company decisions are based on the customer base. These decisions are supposed to be made by understanding people: who they are, what they want, and their habbits.
However, these decisions are made by understanding customers’ actions, not *customers*. We use analytics tools to understand what customers do in our website, but we don’t know what they think. We don’t know who they are, why they are using a product, and when or why they will buy something.
We fail to:• Give personalized ads• Give personalized discount codes• Understand their background• Understand why they use it• Understand their main problem
We created Usersmagic to change that.
Usersmagic pop up
no predictionsno vaguenessno wasted timepreparing questions
It works like asking customers what’s on their mind. We prepare, you ask, they answer. You take actions based on what they want, do, or think. Most importantly, on real data.
So, How does the product work?
Pop-upCustomers see a pop-up that asks questions about their background, shopping preferences, and purchase intention.
Customer Data PoolsClassify the collected data under various subtitles or time periods.
Banner or Social Media AdsPersonalized ads/discount codes or having raw data for massive Social Media operations.
Coming SoonThe new Pop-up system is being developed rapidly. The new product will be available to be used by the end of January 2022. And yes, we know that you’re excited as much as we are.We wanted to find a way to track and understand customers: streamlined insights that lead to sales, strategy, and product development. This opens a new path to understanding customers and targeting them for ads, discounts, and customer research.
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