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UsersmagicNot your average staking. Usersmagic connects every element of data collection and Web3 universe in direct connection to its proper ecosystem. In this new environment created, the 3 big problems of the data market will no longer exist: Data Privacy, Accessibility, and the Deadweight Loss in Big Data.
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Imagine a Decentralized Platformwhere People Will Monetize Their Own Data.
What are the problems?
Recently created legislations such as the GDPR and the Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive have caused great concerns about the future of the online advertisement market, especially in the EU.
In order to reach sensitive data, policies and agreements should be in perfect correlation with data protection regulations. Being a data-secure company requires spending many resources before getting any actual profit, thus it is often easier to forget about the big data and continue with simple analytics.
Moreover, even when the legislative requirements are met, the data collected is often stay unused, as it is too hard to understand what the data actually means. The time must be spent on the core of the business, instead of trying to understand the collected data or trying to get actionable insights from the analytics tools that companies use.
We created Usersmagic to change that.
Deadweight Loss in the Market
There are no free technologies in the world. Being free is most often used as letting customers use an app without paying any cash, but instead allowing companies to use their data. Targeted advertisement is valued at billions in the market, and thus information such as your browsing history or recent actions can be easily monetized.
The everyday people are the source of this data. All of the profit made comes from their personal information, but they receive nothing in return for the sale of their data.
no boundariesno intermediariesno deadweight lossto monetize the data.
It works like creating survey templates in Web3 environment. People will able to join a survey and own an instance of the survey, acting as an NFT. The survey creator (collectioner) and the data provider will earn money each time the data is acquired. By having a free-market for survey creation, Usersmagic optimizes the price and maximizes the quality of surveys.
So, what are the roles?
Data ObjectGive your data, earn regularly. You will be paied each time your data is acquired.
Data CollectorOptimize the gain of your surveys' audience, reach the treasured data and maximize your royalty.
Data DemanderAcquire the data of millions with thousands of filters. Enjoy the lowest price for the highest segmentation.
Zero-Knowledge ProtocolZero-Knowledge protocol is the technology of proving something is true, without knowing anything about it at all. We know this sounds impossible, and this is what makes the ZK proof so amazing. The decentralized Usersmagic platform will be secured by ZK technologies, and thus any violation of the GDPR will become impossible, as the data will only be reachable in the hashed form. No one will know who the user is. And this is what we call being truly anonymous.
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